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    Due to one of our consultant's extensive work as a project director of a mid-sized consulting firm based in Chicago, IL, some of the following testimonials are from clients of his former firm.   As a result of confidentiality agreements, the names of companies, individuals, and coworkers have been omitted, and we have only quoted portions of letters specifically relating to his work with clients (as opposed to work performed predominantly by other consultants not part of Alton Consulting Group, LLC).




Once again, we wish to thank you for all your suggestions, ideas and recommendations on behalf of our company.  We are very happy with the quality of the people you have sent us and the work they have done.

In particular, we very much appreciate the work done by [consultant] these last several days.  His time and diligence in giving us the benefit of his experience and training have been invaluable.  We will be incorporating them into our daily operations as time goes by."

Barry G.
[Staffing Services Company]

  "We have learned so much from your staff, [consultants].  ...  [Consultant] came in and explained classes, entries, and excel tools to our QuickBooks employee.  ...  He made us an excel spreadsheet of all our income, COGS, and profit margins.  There are so many details in them, adding to our insight into our past and our progression.  He advised us on payroll, employee incentives and management.  I know we can save a lot in that area.  We can now track our sales and profits!  He made an advertising budget that saved us 50%.  ...  I know we can call on [former consulting company] to help again at any time."

Mary H.
[Printing Company]

  "  ...

I feel that our job cost control objectives have been met.  We set out to determine why our existing pricing structure has not been producing profits.  In exploring and uncovering problem areas related to bidding and controlling cost in labor we have made many discoveries that I believe will help me to set a new direction towards profitability.

The work performed by the project director [consultant], as well as the diligent work performed by [consultant] has been completely professional.  Their efforts to listen and understand my business has been exceptional.  I believe that they have a genuine grasp of the problems here and have done everything in their power to focus on the solutions both short term and long term.

While there is no silver bullet for this economical struggle that construction is in, I feel that now I have the tools necessary to remain solvent and even a bit profitable while sales volume continues to drop.  There is no doubt that without this investment in my business I could not survive the year.

Thank you for the valuable services rendered."

Ronald D.
[Cabinetry Company]

  "  ...

[Consultant] and [consultant] are magnificent.  They were able to analyze years of bad management and accounting practices and formulate a business plan, in a manner I could understand.  In addition they left me with key areas in QuickBooks that will enable me to monitor the progress of my company.  This alone I feel will probably be the biggest advantage, since I had never watched that portion of my business.

While I could ill afford the expense involved in this endeavor, at this particular time, I believe it will more than pay for itself in due time.  I have no idea how you got my name, but I feel fortunate that I took the time to do this.  Short of saying these 2 fellas walk on water, you should feel honored to have these gentlemen working for you, I know I would."

Jeffrey H.
[Title Company]


    While anyone can post letters from satisfied clients when projects run perfectly from start to finish, the true test of a consultant's abilities lie in how he or she handles the unforeseen problems that occasionally arise during a project.  The following letter details just such an incident.

  "Integrity and accountability, character traits that are in short supply these days both in Washington as well as in the business world, but obviously not at [former consulting firm].

In my letter dated [date]... I expressed my concern over the lack of progress we had made on a number of issues we had hoped to address, most notably inventory control.  The "mysteries" of Quick Books POS created several roadblocks to our progress and left us with no more direction or understanding of our inventory than we had earlier in the week.  Furthermore the amount of time spent trying to "figure out" QB POS took away from the time we had to work on other issues such as financial controls.  It is moments such as these that customers are won or lost. 

In the days that have followed that letter [former consulting firm] has shown me with action, why you are a world class organization.  Without my even asking, [consultant] and [consultant] stayed on at their expense, to see this project through and deliver us the outcomes we had anticipated.  [Consultant's] commitment to making sure we were not only satisfied, but that we had the proper tools and confidence to continue on our own once he was gone.  We now have both high quality financial reports as well as sound processes to follow going forward.  In addition, we also have the foundation to begin building better inventory controls and information systems that will help us make better buying decisions.

I would like to compliment [former consulting firm] as well as [consultant] and [consultant] on their commitment to customer satisfaction and having the integrity and accountability to stay until the job was done [to] our satisfaction.  I look forward to using [consulting firm] in the future as well as recommending it to other small business owners."

Willie L.
[Sporting Goods Retailer]




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