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    Are you considering switching to Intuit QuickBooks?  Are you a current QuickBooks user?  Alton Consulting Group, LLC may be able to help.

Traditional QuickBooks Topics:

  • Chart of Accounts Structure
  • Initial Account Setup
  • A/P and A/R training
  • Bank Statement Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Entries / Reconciliations
  • General Journal Entries
    • Integration with Paychex and ADP
    • Inventory Adjustments / Write-downs
    • Owner Draws
  • Profit & Loss by Job, Category, or Department
  • Project Costing / Job Profitability Reporting
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    In addition, Alton Consulting Group, LLC can teach you how to use QuickBooks to run your business more productively, and more profitably.  By properly setting up QuickBooks to align costs and revenue centers together, you can make better business decisions.  Better information leads to better decision-making, and better decisions means more time spent working on your business instead of fighting with your accounting software. 



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