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    The realm of Performing Arts management has always intrigued one of our consultants in particular; the difficulty of sustaining an organization on minimal and often uncertain budgets, contrasted with the exceptionally high level of skill and lifetime devotion to one's craft required to attain any level of success as a musician, suggests a disconnect between the musician's pursuits and society's perceived value of them.  However, we choose to see this disconnect more as a marketing failure, rather than a commentary on society as a whole.

    One of our consultants has a strong music performance background, having played the violin most of his life, and even majoring in music performance for a couple of years before ultimately graduating from Indiana University-Bloomington with a minor in violin performance.  While in college, he was a member of the Jacobs School of Music Concert Orchestra (2nd highest of four orchestras), performed in a number of operas, and substituted with the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra in Evansville, IN.  During his summers, he substituted with the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra in Duluth, MN.  Not only was he a musician with the orchestra, but he also had access to the internal workings of the organization, as well as its parent umbrella organization.

    His experiences and research have led him to believe that classical music need not be unprofitable, as evidenced by artists such as Vanessa-Mae and Apocalyptica, and the resurgence of symphonic scores in movies.  If you are a non-profit (or for-profit) organization similar to the following, we invite you to contact us:

  • Symphonies

  • Ballets

  • Operas

  • Theater Companies

  • Performing Arts Groups

  • Production & Technical Companies

For an example of a side project of ours in the Performing Arts, see the Industry Research page and select "Performing Arts: Reversing the Decline."



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