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    Alton Consulting Group, LLC is guided by four key principles, and also expects these same principles from prospective clients:


Our commitment to You:


Your commitment to Us:

    The Alton Consulting Group, LLC carries our founder's name, and by extension, his reputation.  We are not merely faceless placeholders in a 1000+ member firm; our reputation will follow our consultants, and there are no shortcuts, temporary fixes, or bad advice that they will foist upon our clients.  We treat each client as we would want to be treated.  Our consultants have been business owners before, and have experienced both successes and failures - we know what it is like to sit on the other side of the table, so to speak. 


    When our consultants first meet with a prospective client, we make the assumption that a business owner believes in his or her products or services, competes fairly in the marketplace, and generally tries to comply with all relevant laws and requirements of the industry.  If you have unpaid tax debts, together we may be able to work out a repayment agreement with the taxing authorities.  If you have neglected topics such as insurance, maintenance, or safety equipment, we will help you get back on track.  While we are not practicing attorneys, and therefore not licensed to render legal advice, we will bring legal topics to your attention and advise you to seek legal counsel when appropriate.  If, however, you have no intention of fixing these types of problems, we will terminate the project.*




Our commitment to You:


Your commitment to Us:

    Honesty is critical in any advisory role, and consulting is no different.  You will always receive open, honest communication with us; you have enough employees telling you how great the company is (at least, to your face) - you do not need another "yes" person.  What Alton Consulting Group, LLC provides is an honest, unbiased assessment of your business and the steps needed to improve it.


    It is critical that you, the client, are open and honest throughout the project.  When things go unsaid, problems usually arise.  This means we need to know both the good and the bad aspects of your business, including topics such as the presence of sacred cows, an ongoing dispute with one or more partners, or even the real reasons for keeping or eliminating key employees.




Our commitment to You:


Your commitment to Us:

   Alton Consulting Group, LLC trusts its clients to be open and candid about their problems and concerns.  Furthermore, we trust that our clients will treat our consultants in the same way they themselves wish to be treated.  Therefore, we do not do credit checks, background checks, or take an adversarial approach to working with clients.  Some companies assume that all of their clients, employees, and business partners are (or will be) thieves, and thus design business policies and legal forms to thwart even the most scheming malcontents.  We would rather spend our time and energy helping clients than wondering how they are plotting against us.


    Trust is something that must be earned, and therefore all we ask of our clients is that they grant us the chance to earn it from them.




Our commitment to You:


Your commitment to Us:

    All projects undertaken by Alton Consulting Group, LLC will have clear objectives, and expectations, and all work performed is focused on achieving those expectations.  Projects are not done on open-ended retainers, nor are fees based solely on our time.  Once a project fee is agreed to, it does not matter whether we complete the project three days sooner or a week later than expected.  This way the time pressure associated with an hourly billing rate is removed, and we take on the risks of over- or under-estimating the time required for a project.**


    From time to time, our consultants find themselves asking  a client, "If you don't care enough to save your business, why should I?"  Harsh words, but true.  We are passionate about helping our clients through various business challenges, and we expect my clients to be committed to improving their businesses.



*For some activities such as money laundering, our consultants may have a legal obligation to report any suspicious activities to the proper authorities.

**Some types of engagements such as QuickBooks training do not have clearly-defined targets or timelines, or my only require a minimal amount of time on my part.  In such cases, an hourly rate may be more appropriate for both parties involved.



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