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    Alton Consulting Group, LLC offers business planning services to start-ups as well as established companies seeking to expand or redefine themselves.  We are not merely copy writers; rather, we work collaboratively with you to develop a business plan that addresses all of the issues your company will face.  A business plan should be a roadmap or instruction manual for a company's managers, not just a document used to solicit investors and then promptly discarded.

    Our goal is to force you during the planning stage to confront all of the problems and issues that might arise once your business is up and running.  The more planning done upfront, the greater the chance of success for your business.

    At a minimum, topics that must be addressed in any successful business plan include:

  • Product details
    • Unit cost structure
    • Component suppliers
    • Product mix
    • Future products
  • Target market
    • Market segments
    • Market size
    • Market share goals
  • Marketing strategy
    • Brand positioning
    • Competitor analysis
    • Channels of distribution
    • Sales goals
    • Advertising plan
  • Manufacturing/ operations processes
    • Equipment / personnel requirements
    • Inventory requirements
    • Facilities requirements
    • Unit volume requirements
    • Cash flow cycle
  • Capital requirements
  • Implementation timeline
  • Exit strategy

    During the process, potential issues will arise that must be overcome.  This may mean scaling the project up or down, changing the target markets, redesigning the product, or even, albeit rarely, abandoning or postponing the project.  Our goal is to provide your project with the best chances of succeeding; if a business proposal is simply unworkable, it is better to walk away from it while it still exists only on paper rather than after you have spent your life savings temporarily bringing it to life.



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