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Our People

    Alton Consulting Group, LLC believes that an advisor's true value lies at the intersection of academic excellence and years of professional business experience, and our partners are no different.

Our Core Values

    Our core values guide every consulting project, and carry through each phase of the process, from initial consultation to six-month follow-up.  Not only does Alton Consulting Group, LLC hold itself to high standards, but it holds it's clients to those same high standards, as well.

"Principles before Profits."



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    For every project, there are three key phases that must be completed:

  • Design

    The planning process is often the most important phase; poor planning will almost certainly doom all subsequent phases of a project.  As a result, proper care must be taken to gather as much information as possible from the client, the company's employees, and even outside parties as needed. 

    Unfortunately, some consultants stop after completing this phase.  The client is left with an impressive stack of paper and little else, rendering the project useless. 

  • Implementation

    While the design phase is the most important, the implementation phase is is usually the most difficult.  Designing a plan for improving a business requires technical skill; implementing a plan requires experience and understanding of human reactions.  Employees (and even business owners) are often resistant to change.  Therefore, employees must be motivated, persuaded, and sometimes even inspired to be part of an organizational change; without employee (and owner) acceptance, a project will likely fail. 

    A good consultant will declare a project complete once the plan from Phase-I has been implemented completely in Phase-II.  A great consultant, however, will continue on to Phase-III:  review.

  • Review

    The final phase of a project is the review process.  Simply developing a plan and putting it in place is insufficient to ensure a company's long-term success.  The review process ensures the company and its employees have followed through with Phase-I and Phase-II by conducting periodic follow-ups and making adjustments as necessary, including additional training, support, and even revisiting parts of Phase-I or Phase-II for problem areas.

    Alton Consulting Group, LLC follows through will all three phases of any project; by doing so, we are able to not only ensure a project's success, but also develop long-term relationships with clients.  Most of our projects are with repeat clients or from referrals. Because of this, our fees are different from what you might expect. 

    Alton Consulting Group's fees are based on desired results, not just hours billed.  In any other industry, this would seem logical.  After all, when was the last time you asked your accountant for five hours of work?  You didn't, you asked for a tax return.  Similarly, you might ask your attorney for an updated will, not 2.7 hours of billable time plus $4.95 in postage and a $15 notary fee.  Why should consulting services be any different?  You want a specific problem solved (e.g., returning your company to profitability, reducing materials waste, developing a new budgeting and accounting system, improving labor productivity, closing a business, etc), not just another hourly employee on your payroll.

    In summary, Alton Consulting Group, LLC brings the expertise acquired from helping over 70 small businesses, plus more than 15 years of small business management experience, to your company.  Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation consultation to see how we may be able to help your business.



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